Sleeping through the night can be a challenge for children and adults alike.  At the Park Avenue Sleep Clinic, we can help you to determine the source of your problem and get you back on track to sleeping right. From insomnia, breathing difficulties and sleep apnea to any other problem that affects or interrupts your sleep, our expert sleep specialists will diagnose the cause of all your sleepless nights.  Undergo a sleep study in a private, relaxing atmosphere, with a multitude of hi-tech, wireless diagnostic equipment that monitor your breathing, oxygen levels, and other measures of health. And start sleeping, tonight.

What you can expect at Park Avenue Sleep Center:

  • Beautiful, private, well-appointed rooms, located adjacent to bathrooms for ease of use, attractively decorated to enhance your comfort and foster complete relaxation.
  • Completely separate sleeping areas for men and women for maximum privacy.
  • On-site technicians monitor heart rate, breathing rhythms, and other measures of health all night long via camera feed, lending a private, relaxing feeling.
  • Conveniently open on Motzei Shabbos and Sunday evenings, in addition to weekday nights.
  • To ensure optimum comfort, we employ male technicians to observe male patients and female technicians to supervise female patients.