In the 1980s many small factories located in and around New York City and other metropolitan areas were closed either due to a lack of economies of scale making them less competitive than larger production facilities or as a cost cutting measure with manufacturing being transitioned out of the country.

As a result, many areas which were commercial/industrial in nature fell on hard times with factory spaces remaining vacant and deteriorating. Such is the story of Williamsburg, part of the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. To combat this urban decay, in the mid-1980’s the New York City Department of City Planning converted much of the zoning in this area from commercial and light industrial use to residential.

A second re-zoning took place in 2005 further expanding the residential development of the area. As a result, while many areas have seen downturns in building there has been a two decades long “building boom” focusing on these formerly industrial areas.

A new area was created which is now referred to as the “New Williamsburg”. To convey the scope of this building boom, the New York Times profiled an architect, Karl Fischer, who single handedly designed more than 70 apartment buildings in Williamsburg in a span of several years. Most of these buildings are occupied by young, newly married and low income couples of Hassidic (Orthodox Jewish), African-American or Hispanic backgrounds. While residential development in the New Williamsburg and surrounding areas “boomed” over the past decade there has not been a parallel process of health care services development.

As such, the residents of this new community and the surrounding area experienced significant lack of access to care and equally significant health care disparities. That is when ParCare Community Health Network was born.

ParCare Community Health Network is designed to expand the mission of high quality clinical service and to further serve those most in need. Parcare Community Health Network is a Not for profit New York State Article 28 Diagnostic  & Treatment Center.

ParCare Community Health Network is a community-based health center providing primary and specialty care, helping our patients prevent disease and maintain good health. we’ve been providing affordable, accessible, comprehensive medical services to thousands of otherwise underserved patients.