At ParCare Community Health Network, we strive to provide High quality patient care, we view each patient holistically and truly care about the overall patient experience. We embrace a value driven approach to health care that is high-quality, comprehensive, and supported with best in class technology and people. Our philosophy is that partnering with patients and their families requires a thorough understanding and respect of each patient’s unique needs, culture, values and treatment preferences.

Our vision for the future includes a commitment to working with other providers to make comprehensive and advanced clinical services available to the public while emphasizing quality and service.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we coordinate care across all elements of the broader healthcare system, including access to additional specialty care, hospitals, home health care, and other community services. We collaborate with leading medical facilities and providers throughout New York City.

In addition, Plans are also under way to join the Federally Qualified Health Center system so that we can add more services to our Patients