Speech therapy services are offered at ParCare Community Health Network by practiced clinicians, otherwise known as a speech-language pathologists or speech therapists, who specialize in the overall evaluation of patients and treating disorders involving communication or swallowing. There are seven components in the production of speech: producing sound, phonation, fluency, resonance, intonation, voice, and variance of pitch; there are an additional 11 components involved with language, all of which can be addressed by our highly trained therapists.

Generally, speech-language pathologists see patients on an individual basis, but ParCare Community Health Network offers a full range of support for families as well, as our therapists work to prevent as well as to diagnose and treat potential speech, language, cognitive or social communication, and any swallowing disorders that might occur in children and adults. After an initial screening assessment, there may be a recommendation for therapy or counseling through one or more of the following services: